A corporate meeting is a different event to plan than a corporate event, in most cases. A corporate meeting can usually mean that there is a business strategy, or something a little more in depth that will be discussed as opposed to what you’d expect at a corporate event being light, enjoyable, and easy to relax at. A corporate meeting is usually a little smaller in numbers of attendees, unless you’re Apple or Microsoft, and usually has a purpose driven agenda. A corporate meeting can usually be accompanied with a presentation and food, but rarely features an entertainment aspect as this is not the purpose of the meeting.


Does your office space have a conference room available, and is the number of people that will be included in the corporate meeting able to fit in the room? If so, a conference room at the building you work in is usually a great option for a corporate meeting because it doesn’t require the employees to travel to attend, and they are familiar with it so they usually will be on-time and ready to go when the meeting is ready to begin. A third positive aspect of having the meeting at your own location is that you have full control over everything, meaning you don’t need to wait on hotel or venue staff to do anything and you can begin and end on your time without any delay. If you do not have the space available for the number of attendees, you will need to consider renting a venue in order accommodate the meeting size, and there are a number of corporate meeting venues that are available in Utah to choose from. When choosing where your meeting will be held, consider the drive distance from your office location and factor that when determining how far each person must travel to get to the meeting. Traffic delays, and long distances, will make it harder for the attendees to get to the venue, and may cause your meeting to start late. Be conscious of distance to ensure that everything runs as efficient and smoothly as possible. If you decide to set up ground transportation for the attendees once they arrive to the normal workplace, this can make it much easier for everyone to get to the meeting on time. If you set up ground transportation for the attendees, this will open the door to many other areas that you can have your meeting at since individual attendees driving is not of concern at this point.


Ahhh, food, the reason that people live is to eat delicious food. There is no better way to entice people enjoy a corporate meeting than having a delicious spread available to them while they listen to the meeting, or participate in it. You should consider the time of the corporate meeting to determine what type of food that will be served.

Morning Meeting: If you are doing your meeting in the morning, budget-friendly food can consist of bagels and an assortment of cream cheeses, fruit such as bananas and apples, breakfast bars, and an assortment of drinks including orange juice, milk, and water. Coffee is usually appreciated by some. If budget permits, having a buffet-style bar that includes pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and other hot food items is always appreciated by guests. If you do choose to provide a more elaborate spread don’t forget condiments such as syrup, ketchup, and others that will go hand in hand with the food served. Additionally, sturdy utensils are a must, considering cheap utensils often break during use you should consider stainless steel or heavy duty plastic to ensure guests won’t be spending more time working on their food with flimsy plastic-ware and more time paying attention to the meeting.

Mid-day or Afternoon Meeting: If you are having a mid-day meeting, consider doing it right at lunch time so you can feed the guests of the meeting a great lunch meal. More budget-friendly options can include pizza, hamburgers and fries, club sandwiches, paninis, and the like. If you have a little more in the budget to spend, consider something fancy like Salmon, sushi, and/or a spread with a variety of options. Don’t forget to let everyone who will be in attendance know about the meeting prior-to to ensure they don’t bring a lunch that will go to waste. No one likes throwing a prepared lunch in the trash after finding out another lunch option will be available last minute. A happy attendee is a more attentive attendee.

Evening Meeting: This is not a common time to have a corporate meeting, but if you must do your meeting in the evening, and pull your attendees away from their families, you will need to do your hardest to make up for the time spent away from their families by providing an exceptionally good dinner to counter the negative feelings the attendees may have by missing their own family dinner. Steak, lobster, and other high-quality foods will be much appreciated, and will ensure that the attendees won’t want to miss your important meeting. The information presented had also better be important, and get right to the point because all the attendees will be thinking is about how little time left their evening has after the meeting and how quickly work the next day will come. So get to the point and have a great meal there for them to start eating right away!